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Located in a corner rich of history, from the restaurant Guests can enjoy the view over one of the most beautiful places in the world. Between sunset and nightfall elegant Gentlemen and Ladies pause in front of it, admiring the architectural style of the building, looking forward to the nice meal they are going to taste. It is a ritual repeated almost immutable every day.

Just as the threshold is crossed, you are welcome by the sweet smile of the Staff, the true ‘heart’ of the restaurant, who has recently opened his second restaurant in Milano.

Following the way to the dining rooms you meet Marco who welcomes the Guests at his gastronomic corner where he prepares sliced salami, cheese, vegetables…. All Connoisseurs can smell and identify the fragrance of the true Parmigiano Reggiano cheese or that of the delicious ‘mortadella’ or Bologna sausage.

The dining room with its parquet and boiserie decorations is wide and elegant as well as the nearby more discreet, smaller one. A few steps lead to a sophisticated room with red leather sofas and antique wooden body bolsters.

Smokers can enter a tiny, comfortable sitting room where they may enjoy their cigarettes or cigars admiring the Collection of modern , classical and antique paintings collected by Alfredo and hung on all the walls of the Restaurant.

Dinner room Dinner room Smokers room Smokers room